The Chakras and our Energy Bodies

April 4, 2009

The Chakras and our Energy Body

chakra-1Whoever we are, male or female, regardless of where were, born we all have similar skeletons, in that we have the same amount of ribs, pelvic bones, shoulder blades and so on.  Each and everyone of us, in the same way has an energetic body, comprising of the chakras and the numerous meridians used in acupuncture

When all is working in balance, the chakras, which are like small whirling energy funnels that extend out from our spines beyond the exterior of our physical bodies about 3-4 inches, they rotate or spin clockwise.  In doing so they resonate at a certain pitch, each one generating a different colour.

The chakras are connected to our neural pathways, our central nervous system and over time with years of pain, trauma, abuse, loss, these can become dull and blocked with the toxicity of these events.  They no longer spin in harmony, the sludge adheres to the walls of the chakras slowing them down, they lose their individual colours and become dull and they no longer are sending out high frequency energies. We age faster, slow down become weighed down with the process of living.

As a shaman, when I complete my work, complete the healing process the chakras are transformed, the colour and vibrational qualities are restored back to how they were when we were born… Our chakras glow again like the brightest of rainbows, spinning freely and in harmony with one another, vibrating at their highest level.  Our energy is restored, we have balance back again in our lives, and aging process is slowed down considerably.  Instead of surviving you will be living life as it was meant to be lived, harmonious, in tune with your surroundings  and manifesting and attracting positive things into your life.


One Response to “The Chakras and our Energy Bodies”

  1. Buy Salvia Says:

    Fantastic thoughts here on this site and I like your take on things. One thing I have experienced is what we think about is exactly what we become. We create our own reality.

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