Spring has sprung

April 16, 2009

A TIME FOR RENEWALrelease-and-let-go

With the spring equinox just a few short weeks ago, heralding the start of abundant growth, germinating new seeds that will bear the fruits of our vision in summer,  it’s a time to bring about a sense of balance and renewal to our intentions and visions.

To help us make an energetic start to the mode of spring here are a few things we can all do:


·      Energetically: Opening our windows and smudge our homes and offices by burning sage and/or pine or sweet grass in an abalone shell or fire-resistant bowl.  This cleansing ritual creates a swirl of smoke that not only removes sour air as it wafts through open spaces into the world outside, taking with it the stagnant energies that accumulate after a Winter of being confined indoors.

·      Mentally: Cleansing our mind of old thoughts by meditating or reflecting on the newness of spring, its vibrant green growth, the scents of opening blossoms and the brightness of the returning light.

·      Emotionally: Being expressive, be creative – sing, dance, paint with the intention of releasing the old self to make room for the new, more balanced self. Make a list of what we want to let go of and burn it in a ceremonial fire.  Release and let go

·      Physically: Breathing out the old stale air, breathe in the new, fresh, revitalizing air into our body, which helps to clean the mind, lungs, blood etc. Taking a bath in sea salts and letting the salt draw out the toxins from our body. Cleaning out our closets and donating cloths to a local organization or family in need.


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