Serpent Archetype

July 11, 2009

THE SERPENT is our connection to Sexuality and Knowledge 

Helps us to see the world exactly as it is

Helps us to shed our skins completely and cleanly

the Serpent archetype is our connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama and the energy of serpent, kundalini is connected to our blood red  root / base chakra

Snake GreenPython no backgroundSERPENT – the binding principal

The binding principal, the stories we have been taught to live by and are bound to the lives we live.  Through these beliefs we are bound up tight, Serpent unbinds us from these stories allowing us to shed them as she sheds her skin, cleanly and all in one piece.


The language of serpent is at the level of the physical and the body… everything is as it is – no wrapping stories round it, no judgment, and no criticisms just the bare facts. Serpent sees things precisely as they are with no embellishment.  We translate this in terms of scientific, chemical and biological terms – we talk of body parts, molecules, and chemistry.

From Serpent we learn to see things without judgment, no labels, no stories, just bare facts.


Learning to know how Serpents works with you:

  • Serpent accepts everything at face value, it doesn’t build stories around things – just sees the bare facts – not how you feel about the facts.
  • Practice non-attachment by letting things be just as they are, rather than how they ‘should be’. If there is a ‘should’ thought in you there is attachment!   Practice beginners mind – everything is new.
  • Practice non suffering… there is always going to be pain – dwelling on how you feel that pain and how it affects… that is suffering, it is what you wrap around your pain, the stories you give it.
  • Practice walking the beauty way – touch everyone with beauty (when you do this everything that is NOT beauty seems to rise up before you, until you learn that EVERYTHING is beautiful!)
  • Practice non-judgment – of self of others. Learn to BE with acceptance. (That’s just how it is, how they are, how I am at this moment in time).
  • Morning breath work at meeting with the archetypes feeds these within you and helps them grow.
  • Grow your relationship to Serpent and indeed all the archetypes with Fire Ceremony. The fire ceremonies for getting to know your archetypes are personal so you do them alone. Fire ceremonies are done at new moon and full moon. Once you have created a relationship with each archetype with you first personal fire for each you can then do it with others to great effect

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