Follow your Bliss

June 12, 2010

“Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where once there were only walls”

these words were written by  Joseph Campbell and never a truer word was spoken.

We are all radiate out our luminous energy body, not only us but every object in the universe emits an energetic frequency that connects us all together.  However we all vibrate at differing frequency levels commensurate with what we are holding in our energy fields.  This energy then seeks out, pulls in and attracts situations and people that are vibrating on the exact same level.  So you can see if you follow your bliss, allow yourself to follow that which ignites the passion within you, your vibrational qualities will be raised to a consistent high level, and in turn everything vibrating at that high level will be pulled towards you…     The universe is organizing itself every single second of every day, its going on all the time, without fail, whatever you are consistently carrying within will attract thee same situations and people towards you.  Fear, self doubt and not trusting in the process of life and other negative emotions we hold that do not serve us, will only surround us with heavy walls.  Trust, self-love, listening to your heart, living spontaneously and in the moment with joy and self-belief, following your bliss, will open doors and pathways we never thought possible.

That all sounds really easy, it is, but if we are going to consistently vibrate at a high level and create and pull in everything we dream in our journeywork and meditations, we need to find and clear any imprints we have in our energy fields.  You may find that when you start to think more positively, there maybe a little or a loud voice telling us all the reason this is not possible, or a feeling of discomfort held in our body that your intuition will tell you all is not well.  This is usually an  “imprint” or “block” that is keeping our “vibrations” low.  Some are obvious, and working with Serpent and Jaguar released these early on in our journey around the wheel.  Some however are more illusive, they lie in our shadow selves and are usually patterns of behavior, qualities we hold that we cannot see, don’t want to see or unable to own.  These are more challenging to reveal and there are many different ways to reveal them.  Working with a Shaman can identify these issues, using the Tarot to write a story and identify patterns that have been hiding!  Think of a person that you find difficult to be with, list everything down that you dislike in that person.  Read the list out and know that these are your shadow parts.  Another way is to think of a quality that you are proud of and one that you would like others to use to describe you, once you are clear of the word think of a new word that is the total opposite.  Once found, this is your shadow part.

Being aware of this new quality can in itself be very difficult and uncomfortable to own, but its something we were most probably told at an early age was very wrong, we could have been humiliated, make to feel bad, and definitely something that all our lives we have hidden and most definitely something we don’t want others to know about.  It can be so painful that we covered it up, bound ourselves up so tight with the opposite quality that anyone who shows these qualities we project our anger or irritation towards them.  Therefore we could be in a position where we hold a quality we are blind to that emits a very negative energy that we are totally unaware of.  So you can see how important it is to locate and clear them.

What do we do when we have found this quality or imprint?  The first step is to find healing for this part, in the way we showed you in our latest workshop held a couple of weeks ago.  This is best done with another shaman, the reason being that with a fellow shaman one can work with you using their intuitive powers to “see” and “guide” you through situations where you may not be objective.   However, if you find this is impossible and you need to self illuminate then hold your intention for the outcome that serves you and go ahead!

If you keep on doing your work, hold sacred ceremony, work with your stones in whichever way feels right with you, journey, do soul retrievals, call on your power animals, the archetypes, above all be creative, work together with your “tribe” and together you will be vibrating consistently at an increased level, opening the doors to your dreams.

Journey well my friends



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