Full Moon

July 26, 2010

The energy of the moon was in its fullest power last night………….  I find myself alone, it was beautiful holding a ceremonial fire in the darkness.  Very intense, the fire burnt evenly, and quickly, it  felt all consuming and my sense of letting go and releasing very powerful.   Connecting to all my family and friends in that moment, holding a visions of our wonderful planet and a deep knowing that together we can co-create a beautiful future together was magical.

I recited this very powerful poem, its roots are in Sappho, a small shard of a manucsript that remains, inspired Dr Clarissa Pinkole Estes to write the rest, it so powerful and oh so beautiful.



[The stars are little beauty] fires;

they [glow, but they are just tiny] babies

[next to the splendor of the moon.]

Anyone who is a lover

can see how the moon

in her long gown

shakes a [silver] powder

all around her body,

then sets it afire,

and then how then she [burns]

for her lover

with such a [silver] fire,

all night long,

all night long,

turning first this way

and that in the sky,

spinning ever so slowly

before the eyes that watch her,

loving the eyes that watch her,

turning slowly,

taking all night long

in order to show

— and slowly —

her every treasure.


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