love and gratitude

July 16, 2011

In my month of ponderings and creating  a new work space I still found time to meditate, have been getting up and going to the park opposite me at around 6.30, and on wet days such as today, my trusty cushion keeps me comfortable whilst seated in my bay window overlooking the park.

Pondering on different books I had been reading recently, it came to me in meditation that I would make a circle of beads, perhaps to use in quieter moments to remind of the wonderful people I have in my life. Each bead comes from my collection of necklaces, earings, bracelets, some broken, all share great sentimental value.

Opening sacred space I sat and snipped the threads allowing all the beads to flow into a bowl. Choosing each one with love I threaded them onto some deep pink silken thread, remembering the people, the occasions they were given and above all the gratitude I felt for having them in my life, blowing in a special prayer for each and every person and everything I have gratitude for in my life………..

I was so enjoying doing this, that I made one for my daughter so that she can sew seeds in each one and use them to make wonderful new growth in her life.

Here is the one I made for myself


Wake up

May 29, 2009

wake up

That divine spark is within each individual but it needs to be drawn out and fanned into a flame in so many souls. It has to be recognised before anything can be done about it. Wake up from your slumbers and recognise the divinity within you and nurture it and allow it to grow and flourish. A seed has to be planted in the soil before it can grow. It has within it all its potentials, but those potentials remain dormant until they are given the right conditions in which to grow and develop. There are many souls in this life who will not wake up to their divine potential and they are like seeds stored away in packets. You must want to break your bonds to be free. As soon as the desire is there you will receive help in every way possible, but the desire in you must be there.


Words from Eileen Caddy